After racing all types and sizes of bikes for 15 years in different events, I have had a  good eye-opener to all racing has to offer and it is only right that I should pass some of this experience onto those who would like to listen.

Since I retired from competitive racing in March 2006 I have been heavily involved in mentoring and training new and existing racers. I have instructed at the Bemsee race school every year since 2004 as well as Focused events track days and many 1-1 sessions with riders by their request. As well as mentor, I sponsor a few riders due to their talent, attitude and enthusiasm for the sport. It is a pleasure to see them progress in both riding skill and metal ability.

I have a strong passion for racing, its safety, its enjoyment and of course riders improvement and success on and off track. My main drive to help wherever I can is simple. Motorbike racing is the most amazing and life inspiring sport there is. It is so much more than opening a throttle, and if you are reading this now and thinking "Its all about opening the throttle" then believe me you will not be safe or successful so go and play darts!

To be a successful racer you will need to understand:
Your limitations, patience, race weekends, diet, bike control, self control, listening, positive attitude, teamwork, friendship, buddies, organization, preparation, reward, focus, planning, decision making, budgeting, investment, emotion and the best of all how to have lots of fun.

Sound too much? A little daunting? Well that's exactly what I can help you with. All of the items above are not things that are learnt from a book but explained with experience and will take time. One thing for sure is that it will help give you a jump start to a safer more positive racing experience. Many of the instructors and ex-race officials in our current race clubs, including myself, never had the exposure to this type of knowledge base or assistance. We turned up on our first race morning, lived in our rusty old vans and didn't have a a clue what to do! Four meetings into my first season I may have been on the grid in time but still didn't understand the vast universe of racing and the simple things I needed to know to make life much, much easier.

Hopefully on this site you will find some hints and tips that will make you go "oh yeah that will be really useful". If you have any questions then drop me a mail and I'm happy to answer them. I have a good network of racers, support companies and officials that can be of help. What do I want in return? Nothing except you love your racing more, you are safer and faster and you have even a small amount of the fun I have in this incredible sport.

Be safe and I look forward to seeing you in the paddock at some point. I'm the short happy one with big ears! (For all that listening............!)