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Michael Tanousis

Motorcycle racing at club level is completely new to me. Luckily enough I came across Jeremy through a mutual friend and have been really glad in the time he has taken to offer advice and guidance.

You are only as good as the framework you work against when learning any new discipline; there were so many things in preparation for a race meeting that I would never have been aware of had he not pointed them out. Getting a mechanic was the best advice he gave me once I had, we sat down all together and he walked us through our responsibilities and priorities. Racing is about fun for me and the weekend would be a mess if we were always tripping ourselves up through poor preparation.

My mechanic and I constantly find ourselves referring back to what Jeremy has told us when we have important decisions to make and when planning our working methods without the benefit of his knowledge, our learning curve would most definitely have been much sharper and longer.

Oh, and he also pays well for these testimonials!

Michael Tanousis