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Terry Grayer


Terry Grayer, just retired due to injuries 47, GSXR 100 k3 / 1999 R1, forza extreme / power-bike / clubman.

1st raced early eighties for 2 seasons Yamaha RD 350 (before power valves), did ok, but no money and had to pack up.

Back racing 2004 with New Era a couple of meetings on R1, got a couple of trophies at Brands rounds.

2005 bought Suzuki k3 but crashed 1st meeting at Snet' and missed loads of rounds due to injuries, but finished 10th clubman and 5th rookie open that season.

I raced that year against Jeremy Hill who won the championship by a mile.

Jeremy was always at the front, winning so many races, he was (is) a class act and great club rider.

I always seemed to stone wall with lap times and knew I needed help to improve.

I asked Jeremy for some advise and training, as he had won the championship and was retiring and looking to help others improve (even old f***ers like me).

His approach to the whole racing weekend helped improve my riding and reduce my lap times. I always like a drink, especially race weekend, part of the crack, but not conducive with success. The health drinks helped my body fitness and de-hydration problems and tiredness.

Jeremy helped me look at the bigger picture, the whole racing weekend, planning, organisation, preparation, positive mental attitude, things improved after that.

I would advise any rider to take on board what Jeremy has to offer, he has been there, done it, got the "T" shirt, and learned the hard way, and he is obviously naturally a very talented rider anyway (and weighs f**k all, but seems fatter now)  to race for as many years as Jeremy has, he has earned his success, with hard work and dedication and to want to put something back into the sport, speaks volumes.

I am older that most of you younger riders, and came back to race because I love it, but also just to prove could I still be compete.

Listen and learn from J, you only get one chance in this life, and if you decide to go racing, and don't want to be just an "also ran", give it your best shot, do it but do it properly, don't scrimp, tyres etc. In for a penny, in for a pound. Either do it properly, or not at all.

He is a very clear thinking, positive switched on guy and can breed success.

Good luck to you young budding "Valentinos"

Keep on the black stuff.

Terry Grayer